Spores in cocoa powder: Harmonization of the method for enumeration for improved spoilage risk assessment

NIZO and its industrial consortium partners Olam Cocoa, Cargill, Barry Callebaut, The Coca-Cola Company, FrieslandCampina, Abbott Nutrition and Tetra Pak, have published a paper providing an optimised and aligned method for reliable enumeration of spores in cocoa powders. It includes expert insights on interpreting the results in practice. 

The members of the consortium defined, optimised and agreed on one practical and reliable method. Download the presentation and you will read about:

  • Innovative ways to decrease food waste in dairy
  • Overcoming the challenges of spore enumeration in cocoa powders

For more information on our  continuing research in this area, please contact Robyn Eijlander, Senior Project Manager Microbiology and Food Safety.  

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Spores in cocoa powder cover