Charting host-microbe co-metabolism in skin aging and application to metagenomics data 

CHARTING HOST-MICRTOBE CO-METABOLISM IN SKIN AGAIN AND APPLICATION TO METAGENOMICS DATAIn the past decade, there has been increased appreciation of the influence of the host microbiome composition on skin aging. To obtain more insight into the connection between the skin microbiome and the human physiological processes involved in skin aging, NIZO and Estée Lauder Companies performed a systematic study on interconnected pathways of human and bacterial metabolic processes that are known to play a role in skin aging. 

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✔️ Bacterial pathways associated with aging skin
️Evidence for a relation between skin aging and bacterial enzymes involved in protein glycation

Taken together, the results and insights described in this paper provide new leads for intervening with bacterial processes that are associated with aging of human skin. 

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