Food Processing, Upscaling and Contract Manufacturing

New businesses have to find their way from lab innovation, through validation to full-scale plant production.

Process design needs to be challenged, trial runs need to be done and from the learnings the process design can be completed. Understanding of the product – process interaction is key to finding the solution. This is where NIZO experts come in, together with one of the largest flexible food grade pilot plant in Europe, accessible for 3rd parties. The NIZO processing experts work in close collaboration with NIZO experts in flavor/texture and microbiology/safety. Not to forget the strict quality conditions that apply for the incoming streams to our food grade pilot plant.

Are you interested and curious what we can do for you? Then download the leaflet, which will give you an insight in our capabilities and scale of work. Especially the variability in finding the right process step in combination with the flexibility in available separation equipment contributing a great deal to speeding up to the desired output. Last but not least, NIZO processing centre is capable of performing commercial productions for high value, low volume work. Our spray drying and fermentation capacity has been successfully applied by our customers in evaluating market readiness before going into full-scale production.

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