Combine 16S sequencing with expert interpretations to identify bacterial contamination quickly and provide initial insights

If you suspect bacterial contamination of a food product, you need a fast assessment to make decisions about releasing it. But you also need insight into how the contamination occurred, to investigate if it was a 'one-off' event, or an ongoing issue that needs to be addressed.

Using 16S sequencing, our spoilage identification service can help you get to the bottom of a potential bacterial contamination - quickly and efficiently.

NIZO offers several service options, depending on your situation:

✔️ Standard priority identification (one-off service)

✔️ High Priority identification (one-off service)

✔️ Premium identification service package (continues service)


By selecting this service, you will obtain:   

✔️ An independent, confidential and knowledge-based service that matches your specific needs

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